Ken and Bara Pepperney - Professional and Friendly Service

Our family has been vacationing in Fenwick Island every summer for over three decades and has rented beach houses through John and Nancy, and their dad Jack before them, since the late 1970's. We've awlays received professional and friendly service, helping to create great beach experiences for us, our children and the many relatives and friends who have vacationed along with us over the years. Our time at the beach is a highlight of the year, and if you plan a vacation in Fenwick Island or the surrounding area, we heartily recommend Kleinstuber & Associates as a great place to start!

Pittsburgh, PA

Rosemary E. Fei - Customer Service Dream Experience

I have been working with John and Nancy for over a decade on our extended family's summer house rental. Living in California, having someone on the spot, who knows the market and my family's needs, is especially important. Having someone I can trust to give me helpful and honest assessments of candidates we're considering is just wonderful. They have provided me with a customer-service dream experience, year in and out. I highly recommend using them.

San Francisco, CA

Dr. John MacKnight - Beach Village Charm

My wife and 4 children and I have been coming to Fenwick Island for our summer getaway for years. We have such a fondness for Fenwick and all it has to offer. Through the years it has maintained its quintessential beach village charm, and we have never considered spending our summer vacation time anywhere else. One of the great things about our visits is the confidence we have in knowing that we will always have a great place to stay thanks to the great folks at Kleinstuber Realty. John and Nancy have always taken great care of us. Each year we our greeted with the warmth of friends welcoming us as if to their own home. Fenwick Island is a place to make memories that last a lifetime. Thanks to Kleinstuber Realty, and the expertise, care, and kindness of John and Nancy, we eagerly await our return to Fenwick each year and hope to for many years to come!

Charlottesville, VA

Kathy and Glenn Hessler - Trustworthy, Friendly and Committed

For nearly a decade, we have been using Kleinstuber Realty for our leasing, buying and selling in wonderful Fenwick Island. The folks at Kleinstuber Realty are trustworthy, friendly and committed to running a business based on hard work and integrity. It is a pleasure to deal with them!

Hamilton, VA

Kathy Ryan - A Pleasure to Work With

My renters frequently mention how well the Kleinstubers take care of them, both before and during their stay in my oceanfront vacation home. They are highly responsive to any issues that arise and leave everyone happy and satisfied! It has been a pleasure to work with them.

Washington DC

Amy De Rosa, Brenda Dejuta, Audrey Dejuta - Hassle-Free and Enjoyable

We chose Kleinstuber Realty when we decided to sell our house at Fenwick. It became obvious while working with John Kleinstuber that he knows the Fenwick inside and out. and that includes knowing what will sell at what price and who will buy. Sometimes he has a specific buyer in mind! John had a good sense of how to price our property in a somewhat difficult market. And he had good insights about how to work with a prospective buyer so that the deal would ultimately be to everyone's advantage. We chose Kleinstuber Realty to handle vacation rentals for our property. It was a pleasure to work with Nancy. She competently handled day-to-day in an easy, friendly way, and she smoothed any bumps quickly and professionally. As a result, our part of the rental process was hassle-free and enjoyable. Great service!

New York, NY

Lynette L. - Professional and Encouraging

John, I can't believe it is over. I hope I've made the right decision, time will tell. It was my escape from the insanity of the world. As you know it was a most difficult road to travel in many ways for me, but thanks to you it was much easier. Many thanks for your words of encouragement. Your professionalism and availability throughout was impeccable. I know this was a business transaction for both of us, but I'd like to think we became friends along the way.

#227 East of the Sun

Cathy S. - A Job Exceptionally Well Done

Hi John, thanks so much for your kind note. My "really nice words" are a sincere thanks for a job exceptionally well done. My theory in life is to always deal with the best, most highly respected professional with a proven track record in their field. That is why I chose you again and you did not let me down; in fact, to the contrary. I am so please with our relationship and the outcome and would definitely deal with you again should the need arise. Again, many thanks. Best Regards, Cathy.

Vacant Lot Ebb Tide Cove

P. and C. Miner - Kept in the Loop and Guided Every Step of the Way

John: thank you so much for everything you have done for us. You kept us in the loop and guided us every step of the way. And we couldn't be more appreciative. We are so happy that we dropped in on you unannounced a few years ago asking about Sea Colony West, rentals, etc. Funny how things work out sometimes - in this instance, very fortuitously for us! John, you are a consummate professional and we truly enjoyed working with you. We will go out of our way to recommend you to our friends and acquaintances.

DayLily Drive, Bayside Community

T. Riley - Sweet Little Cottage on a Great Street

"Sweet little cottage on a great street," he told me. "Good investment, excellent mortgage rate." Two years later, my trusted friend called. "The lot next door is for sale. It will improve your investment, and you won't have a big house hovering over your family cottage." We trusted him. He had given us excellent counsel in the past. Always a joy to stop by for a visit with him and his daughter, Nancy at the desk, and son, John ("Critter,") popping in from time to time. Some fifteen later, while visiting the Kleinstuber office to share with Nancy and John rich stories of their Dad, I observed that values had risen considerable in our hometown of Vienna, VA. "I've been meaning to talk to you about that," responded John, almost in the tone of his late father. "That lot has tripled in value. It's money sitting under a mattress. It's time to sell, or build and rent, or build and sell." We took his advice and built and investment property, looking to John for the right builder. And six years later, tired of having our family's beach home next door to our rental property ("Oh look! The windows are open and the air conditioning unit is running!), I mentioned to John: "It you can find the right people, good neighbors for us, fair price..." John smiled. He already know who to call. "Lovely house on a great street. Good investment. Good neighbors, friends of ours." And for us, in addition to great neighbors, we doubled our investment.

Essex Street, Fenwick Island

Bob H. - Professionalism and Diligence

John - sorry for this delayed response - I want to echo what my brother said about how much we appreciate your professionalism and diligence with the sale of our family's property in Fenwick. You did a great job! If we can ever be a reference for you or your firm please let us know we would be happy to do so. Have a great holiday season and I wish you the best for 2017!

38846 Bunting Avenue, Fenwick Island

Bill and Elsie W. - Thorough Explanations

John, we were very pleased with your availability to us as well as your thorough explanations. Your perspectives, that you listened to how we wanted to proceed and represented that well to the buyers Agent, that you waited until the venting passed before nudging for our real responses and more. We had chatted already about how pleased we were with you as our Agent, most particularly once the actual offer process began. We agree with you that this clearly has been "good." How nice of you to take the time to share your very kind thoughts with us. It's always risky to carry on business with and through friends, especially where the dealings are inherently polar, (buyer vs. seller). You danced through this and even improved the already good relationships. Kudos!

Fenwick Island

T. Riley - Precious Treasures of John F. Kleinstuber & Associates.

Just imagine. You have a rental property at the beach which you use for a family vacation for a couple of summer weeks. And imagine that you have relatives nearby who make sure the cottage is always rented the rest of the season, and will collect the rent, and will arrange for cleaning and miscellaneous repair after each tenant. Relatives that will stop by year-around to make sure all is well with the property, especially after heavy winds and rain. And always have a key for service people. We don't have to imagine such care by relatives, although they are our much-loved honorary son and daughter, John and Nancy. The Kleinstuber family has provided personal care and invaluable investment counsel to us for almost fifty years...first by their Dad and now with son and daughter. I hope that any newcomer to the beaches of Delmarva, whether looking to buy or to rent, will discover the precious treasures of John F. Kleinstuber & Associates.

Ashburn, VA

Tom Marj Riley - Fenwick Guidance

Dear John and Nancy, Merry Christmas! As I was reflecting on the Peace of Christmas, I was prompted to think of the peace you two have brought to our family (We feel you are, indeed, a part of our family) in so many ways. Valued, trusted friends, and an invaluable resource. We met you and your Dad some fifty years ago, first as tenants, then purchaser of property, then as you served as property manager and then extraordinary sales representative. I continue to be impressed with how you treated our rental cottages - first on South Carolina, then on Essex Street - professionally screening potential renters, assured that our beach home would not be mistreated. And, John, your good counsel as we sold property was invaluable, as was your recommendations when we sought out a builder for our present family beach house. You advised, "Need a builder? Here's who I recommend. And if he can't schedule you this year, wait a year. It will be worth the wait." Even now, as you deal more with our son than I, your counsel is so appreciated as he looks to you two for house cleaners, repairmen. Yes, you gift us throughout the year with a peace and a thanksgiving for your friendship. For us, you two are the heart of Fenwick Island! Merry Christmas!

Fenwick Island