Arrangement information is believed to be accurate and rentals cannot be guaranteed if we do not have your signed lease in our office. We are not responsible for misprints. If you must cancel a reservation we will refund your deposit less the processing fee if we are able to re-rent your week. If we are not able to get the unit re-rented your deposit will not be refunded.


The maximum occupancy per unit is 12 persons, and is strictly enforced per Fenwick Island Ordinance. This does not supersede lower maximum occupancy listed specifically for each unit.


Deposits may be made by personal check, money orders, cashier's check or cash. Moving-In day balance can be made by way of: cash, moneyorder, cashier's check. We will accept a personal check, however that MUST be in our hand at least 15 days prior to the tenant arrival. If a reservation must be cancelled we will do our best to get it re-rented for you. If we are successful we will be able to refund your deposit less the processing fee. However, if we are not successful the deposit will be kept by the owner.

Rates & Fees

Rates quoted are in-season, if you are interested in off-season rates, please contact us. A security deposit and $50.00 processing fee is collected for every rental. We would like to make sure you are aware that there is also an 8% accommodation tax in some cases.

Accommodation Tax

An accommodation tax will apply to properties that are within the Town limits of Fenwick Island. If you are unsure of the specific location of any rental, be sure to ask and we can advise if the Rental Tax is associated with the property you are renting.

Pets & Smoking

All of our owners ask that our guests please refrain from smoking inside the properties. Pets are not allowed, and this policy is strictly enforced. If a family member has pet allergies, please specify when making reservations.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are available online for some of our properties. Just look for the V.T.!

Checking In

Check-in time is between 2 - 4:30 p.m. If you are going to be arriving late, you must make us aware of this fact prior to 4:00 p.m. on check-in day. Although we attempt to have all of our units ready by 2:00 that time is not guaranteed. Properties will be available between 2 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. and there may be times when it could be closer to the end of the day.

Acts of God

Owners will not be held responsible (refund wise) for any "Acts of God." Guests are strongly encouraged to obtain Vacation Insurance from a qualified Insurance Agency to protect themselves against such incidents.

Internet Access

In properties where internet access has been established neither the Owners nor Agents will be held responsible for connectivity issues. It is recommended that Tenants bring portable "hot spots" (broadbands) with them if internet access is an absolute must. These are readily available from Verizon and other service providers.

Appliance Repair

Tenants are urged to attempt any "fixes" for appliances that are not working properly. Before calling the office for repair work please be sure that there is a real problem so that the owners are not charged for unnecessary visits. If guests report a non working appliance and it is found to be working properly Tenants will be responsible for the service call.

Refrigerator Use

Please understand that all refrigerators must be left on the medium setting. If that setting is raised in an attempt to make the unit cool quicker that will cause a freeze up of the coils and the unit will not cool at all. Tenants are urged to keep setting to medium and allow the units to get to proper cooling levels (can take 24 hours if unit is filled with new food from the cooler or grocery store). Please do not call to report a refrigerator is not working if these steps have not been taken. If such a call is made and the unit is found to be set to a higher setting but otherwise working fine the Tenant will be responsible for this service call.