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When do reservations begin?

Our rental reservation system is broken down in to three different important dates. On the 10th of November we begin taking reservations from renters who were with us LAST SUMMER who want to re book the same place for the same week as the summer before. Those renters have from Nov. 10th through the 13th. On the 14th of November we open reservations up to those who rented with us last summer who want either a different location OR a different week. On November 15th our reservations open for those who did not rent from us the previous season.

What happens if we need to cancel a reservation?

As soon as you know that you will need to cancel any reservation let us know immediately. The sooner we know the better chance we have to get the week re rented. Once the week is re rented we will return your rental deposit will be returned to you minus a $50 processing fee. Please note that if we are unable to re rent your specific week then the 40% deposit will be forfeited. We do our very best to insure no one looses their deposit however it is never a guarantee.

What day and time is check-in and check-out?

Check day is Saturday and check in time is 2:00 (unless otherwise stated in each individual rental listing)p.m. however we will do the best we can to get you in earlier if the place is cleaned prior to that time. Check out is promptly at 10 a.m. We must keep this a specific time so that our cleaners have time to get the property cleaned for the next guest. A late checkout time can result in loss of security deposit.

Can we smoke in the rental unit?

No. Many people are "put off" by the lingering odor from smoking and that could impact their enjoyment of the property after you. Ridding a home of the odor is very difficult and time consuming and never seems to work fully. Please, if you smoke, use the decks or the back/front yard to do so. Please also remember to pick up after yourself so that there are no cigarette butts laying around for the next group.

What happens if we arrive AFTER the check in time?

If you are going to arrive AFTER 4 p.m. (remember traffic is horrible as you get close to the beach so allow for a lot of extra time getting here) please call our office. We can always put a key out for you to pick up from our key box and then we will ask you to come to our office on Sunday morning to pay your balance. Communication is key! We will always do what we can to accommodate you.

Are linens provided?

For all of our properties the renters must provide for their own linens. The bed sizes are clearly marked on all of our listings for your check list. If you would prefer to rent linens we can provide the phone number for a service which can provide them for you, just ask.

Are pets allowed?

No. Although we are pet lovers too our Owners are not willing to take the chance with fleas. We must be very strict on this enforcement and we always seem to find out if someone tries to sneak a pet in. Please do not attempt to do this as it causes everyone a great deal of stress and can ruin a summer's worth of rentals for owners if and when fleas are present in a home after a pet is inside. There are kennels close by where you can leave your pet but please be sure to resist the temptation to bring your pet for a visit in your rental even for a quick walk through.

Where are the grocery stores?

We have a Food Lion located on 121st street in north Ocean City. There is also a Harris Teeter about 4 miles west of Fenwick on Rt. 54/20. You may want to bring enough food for the first day or so because these grocery stores are known to be VERY busy on Saturdays throughout the summer.

Is there a security deposit and when is it returned?

All of our homes have security deposits, most are $200 but there are a few which are higher. If it is not written that the security deposit is greater than $200 you can assume that it is indeed $200. These deposits are returned to you within 30 days (most are returned much sooner than that) assuming the property is left in the condition in which it was found.

How do we take payment?

This is a VERY important issue to be clear on. For rental reservations we take a personal check or cash (remember reservation deposits are due within 4-5 days of the reservation itself). For the balance (which is collected when you arrive) we only take Cashier's check, money order or cash. We DO NOT accept credit cards. Personal checks can be used to pay a balance but they must arrive to our office prior to 30 days before check in day.

Do we provide for vacation insurance?

We do not but you can call your Insurance Agent to see if they can help you out with that.

What is the address for sending deposits and the rental lease back to our office?

John F. Kleinstuber and Assoc., Inc. 911 Coastal Highway Fenwick Island, DE 19944

Are there lifeguards on our beaches?

Yes, our beach is guarded from Memorial Day through Labor Day with a lifeguard being situated every other block. One or two of our properties are located to the North of our Town and if the beach is used directly in front of them then you may not have a guard. Please ask when the reservation is made for further clarification.

If we would like to arrive a day or two before our rental or stay a day or two extra what would you suggest?

Consider contacting The Fenwick Shores hotel. This is a new hotel which is part of the Hilton Brand (Tapestry Collection) and is wonderful. The hotel is located at 1501 Coastal Highway in Fenwick Island. The cross street is James Street. The phone number for reservations is 302.539.8200. From personal experience we can recommend this fine hotel and we give it very high ratings. Large rooms, some with a sitting area with its own large screen TV. A full refrig, microwave and large "kitchen" counters, making quick meal prep a breeze. Heated outdoor pool is open year round too!

What hotels are in the area

The Fenwick Shores, 1501 Coastal Highway in Fenwick. Beautiful property with extra large rooms and nice amenities. 302.539.8200